PT SURYAPACIFIC JAYA was established in 1988 in Sidoarjo, East Java. Under the management of Mrs. Susana Tiono, this company has managed to send Indonesian workers to Hong Kong where used to be dominated by Philippines.

With high perseverance and dedicated Mrs. Susana Tiono and her 150 employees are managed to market Indonesian workers to Hong Kong based on the prevailing international standard.

In performing its operation this company also has established a training centre for workers where they can have physical, mental and skill training before being sent to the destination country.

In 1990 this company has expanded its market to Singapore. After some years, by the time Indonesian government straighten up licensing, this company got a Business License from Ministry of Manpower No. KEP. 141/MEN/DN-LN/BP/1995 dated December 21, 1995. On that year the company has expanded the Taiwan market.

On may 15, 2000 the company has got Business License Renewal issued by the Ministry of Manpower No. KEP. 092/MEN/LN/BP/2000 followed by expanding the market to Malaysia.

In line with the business expansion, the quality, facilities and infrastructure of training as well as the management of the company keeps on being improved.

To make the effective and efficient implementation of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, the management conducts periodical Management Review, not less than twice a year. The Objective is to ensure that all divisions always emphasize effectiveness and efficiency based on the policy and required Quality Target.

To conduct service business by placing Indonesian Workers based on the needs of clients and by focusing in physical, mental and skills training of each prospective Indonesian worker, with the objective to produce competent, developed and high working spirit workers.

To prepare Indonesian professional semi skilled or skilled workers.
    1. To perform actual training system
       - Conducting training and quality improvement program by applying work competence trend          approach.
       - Updating training data
       - Developing training system and curriculum
       - Developing human resources continually
       - Making partnership with third party
    2. To serve placement service and develop prime service to clients
       - Developing superior product and service
       - Optimizing service network and standard through fast, accurate, cheap, reachable and          satisfactory principles
       - Improving job quality and professionalism.
       - Encouraging feedback mechanism from clients

Indonesian workers mobility that is supported by quality human resources and become an alternative to widen work opportunity for Indonesian people.

With Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, BLKLN and PT. Suryapacific Jaya have a commitment to create disciplined, productive, reliable Indonesian workers and keep on doing continual improvement.